What Is Mercedes Benz Certified Pre-owned Program? – Benefits of Buying Mercedes From A Dealership

What Is Mercedes Benz Certified Pre-owned Program? – Benefits of Buying Mercedes From A Dealership

There are two main options from whom you can buy a pre-owned Mercedes Benz. It can be bought from pre-owned car facility [private seller] or from a licensed car dealer. Mercedes Benz Car dealers even deal with certified pre-owned cars.

What is Mercedes Benz certified pre-owned program?

  • For qualifying as Mercedes Benz certified pre-owned car, the vehicle has to undergo an array of stringent inspection and checks.
  • The service history, structural damage, OEM window verification and spare keys, are features that are inspected. Even the fluids used are verified for quality and proper level maintenance. Transmission, engine, wiper fluid, transfer case, and brakes are scrutinized.

  • Engine gets a total evaluation. Emission requirements are fulfilled, spark plugs, engine mounts, vacuum pumps, ignition list and more are checked to ensure that the engine fulfills the standards of certified pre-owned protocols.
  • Electrical systems every switch and sensors are evaluated. The central door locks, horn, rain sensors, fuses along with other 32 components are checked.
  • The whole undercarriage is reviewed for wear and damage. Dealership technicians check suspension, brake conditions, steering components, tires, wheels, and drive shaft under the car to ensure its working order.
  • Body and chassis are checked for structural integrity required to maintain performance and safety standards the car was designed for.
  • Interior need to be similar as when bought new. Inspection of the interiors includes checking for stains, tears and other blemishes.
  • In the end, a road test is conducted to check active cruise control. And identify any unusual noise or vibration.

It is wise to choose one of the best Mercedes Benz car dealerships in Nashville TN, who sells new, certified pre-owned cars that have undergone rigorous inspections and checks. Other benefits of purchasing high end cars from dealer are given below.

Get your desired model and extras

The main reason you approach Mercedes Benz dealer is you get exactly the color, model, engine configuration or any extras, you desire. A dealer will even go as far as offering free tire rotations or oil, so as to retain a customer. You will not get such services from a private used car seller.


Reputation also matters. Private sellers may not be able to offer mechanical help the moment you leave with the car from their facility. On the other hand, dealers have the best technicians, who can resolve your car issues if any after the purchase as soon as possible.


Any glitches in the car along with software updates, maintenance, recall, service, and even accidents will be taken care of by the dealership. Warranty coverage is set for a specific time or mileage against any damages. It means if anything does not function or service is required, it is on-the-house. You just need to adhere to the regular service intervals to maintain this warranty.